# IN TRANSIT # 1982 Mazda RX7

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We've just purchased a real-deal documented 48,400 mile '82 RX7. This is a sensational 2-owner time warp survivor car. With the exception of the stereo, this car is 100% original & basically flawless. Ashtray never used. 12A rotary with 5-speed manual. Zero mods. Stock exhaust, air cleaner, steel wheels etc. Runs perfectly. Original manufacturers window sticker, pre-delivery check sheet & complete owners manual set.

We won’t give this away. We believe its almost irreplaceable. You may disagree.  We will be happy to put this one away.

We want to see it here in NZ & drive it before we will consider selling it. Sorry. 

Expressions of interest only at present.   

PLEASE - if you think LHD rotories aren't desirable, keep your comments to yourself.