1956 Chevrolet Belair

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  • $72,900

Just arrived in NZ after a ridiculously long ride from the USA. Boy-oh-boy it was worth the wait. Spectacular original '56 2-door Belair. One repaint eons ago in its factory Onyx Black with Crocus Yellow combination. All original sheetmetal. Zero rust. Zero body repairs done.  All original interior. Runs & drives great. 265 V8 & auto trans. WOW! 

Only required idler arm bush, a shock absorber bush & seat belts for compliance. Thats a ridiculously small list for a 64 year old vehicle. We have done both centre link bushes, a full set of decent shocks & installed 5x seat belts (2x 3-pointers in the front, 3x laps in the back plus LVV on all).  

Fantastic old car!!!!

NZ$74,900 on the road, drive away.