1956 Chevrolet 210 ZZ4 Crate 350 JUST ARRIVED

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  • $57,900

Solid original 210 4-door sedan with some great upgrades.  

Near new GM Performance ZZ4 Crate engine (350 ci, 355hp, alloy heads, forged crank etc etc - NEW not rebuilt) & a 700R transmission. Due to this car needing LVV for the engine trans change plus requiring 3-point seat belt install we decided to keep going....  A CPP power disc brake conversion kit is in the same container as well as CPP engine & trans mounts, a roller idler arm kit (poor mans power steering), rear brake parts, from ball joints & a set of shocks.  

Excellent original body.  Not patched up.  No prior repairs seen when we have it on the hoist for MPI inspection. Paint & interior are old & honest.  

Flash it up your way or ride the sleeper 1970's look.

Pre compliance price is $57,900 (with all the parts we have purchased for this car)

Once we start the compliance  & LVV process we will need to follow it right the way through.  Expect high 60's on the road.