1962 Chevrolet Belair

  • Sale
  • $57,900

This one's a real darling. Genuine one family owner car done a real 85,000 miles.

We purchased it of Thomas, a 55 year old gent. His Mom purchased it new. He's the baby in one of the photos.

Yes, this is a 4-door post car. Yes, it's a Belair spec level car. Yes, it's a 6 cylinder car. BUT in ours eyes its condition & ownership history launches it into uber cool level vs most 'Impalas' in existence.

Original paint - yes 100% original, no body repairs done. Original interior. Original engine / trans etc etc. Only the most basic of wear & tear items have been changed.

Just complied. On the wear & tear front only required two ball joints, A arm bushes on one side, one front shock & front wheel cylinders. We did the job properly & replaced all four balljoints, inner bushes both sides, both front shocks plus front wheel cylinders & shoes. Compliance completed, signed off. Now registered.

We are still toying with repairing the side swipe the car received back in 1966. It's sort of a badge of honour.  Leave it as it sits?

$57,900 on the road, all inclusive.