Buy to Order

We buy cars to order. Hundreds of them.

Want something late model?  Seen another NZ based dealer with something you like but want a better deal? Longing for something else? Call us. We CAN & WILL HELP. There's no quick talking salesman here looking for a commission cheque.  We are passionate professionals that want you singing our praises at the end of the process.  We live on repeat business & referrals. Check our testimonials...

Want something old, to your specific requirements? We sure will try to help, but the more exacting your specifications, the harder it will be to achieve. We will only buy you an old car that we have seen. No blind buying.  We love original.  These cars are almost always better than something that has been done-up.  Nice & original = easier compliance process in NZ. Please be aware that good old cars of every desirable make & model have got harder & harder to find over the years, this means more expensive.  No, we can't find you a nice fastback Mustang or first generation SS/RS Camaro for NZ$40,000.  Those days are way gone.

Call us, we would love to help if you are realistic & ready to go......but no, we wont ship your eBay darling you have just purchased blind.  We don't want to be part of the heartache that will likely follow.