1963 Lincoln Continental SOLD

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Excellent old original cruiser.  Rebuilt 430ci engine.  Runs and drives well. Great old cruiser. Purchased to order for a discerning South Island customers. 

Customer feedback / testimonial:

We recently had the privilege of purchasing a 1963 Lincoln Continental from Bryce and West Coast Classic Imports and they absolutely nailed it.
We called Bryce to see if he could help us find a tidy old Lincoln within our set budget. After the initial call Bryce got back to us within a couple of hours with a car that was exactly what we had asked for.
We received a heap of photos of the car before we committed. Not just the pretty shiny pictures you would get from a car yard shark but detailed photos of every conceivable piece of the car including any perceived imperfections, blemishes and scratches on it. Inside, outside, underside you name it, we knew the car inside out before it left the states. This led to us making a completely informed decision without the slightest feeling of being pressured or led astray.
We were given updates, photos and often phone calls each step of the way so we knew exactly what was happening with our investment. Bryce also completed the compliance process for us in NZ including managing the necessary repairs needed to get the 53 year old car legal for NZ roads. The Lincoln arrived in our driveway imported, cleared, repaired, complied and vinned even coming in under our budget. All we had we had to do was get in and enjoy it.
The car and the service both exceeded our expectations and I would have no hesitation recommending Bryce and West Coast Classic Imports to anyone even considering buying a car from the states.
Pull the trigger, pick up the phone, call Bryce and tick that car off your bucket list. You only live once!

Luke and Amy, Christchurch, December 2016