1967 Chevelle 300 SOLD

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Just purchased - spectacular '67 Chevelle - a real 34,000 mile car. We just purchased this car off a self-confessed Chevelle nut. He had owned it since 2012. It had done a real 32,000 miles. He got it from a lady whose aunt purchased it new. It was one of two cars the couple purchased from that dealership that day. This was their second car. The grocery getter only. Hardly every used. Had done 28,498 miles in 1988. That increased to 29,048 by 1991. Yip - hardly ever used. 550 miles in three years. In 2012 it had a birthday - wear & tear issues were sorted. Re-cored original radiator, new heater core, brakes etc. The original bias-ply tyres were replaced. The fabric on the drivers seat base was replaced with OEM fabric. This car is otherwise 100% original. Even the exhaust is original.
Purchase to order for a customer who has learned a lesson the hard way after previously buying a sugar coated dog turd.