1968 Camaro SOLD

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First gen Camaros are pretty much unobtainable ex the USA now. Stupid expensive. We have though just scored a 'just out of storage' Nana-spec 1-owner car. Last registered in 1977!!!! It's beaten, needs everything but it has a one repaint good body and it runs & drives (pretty darn well). The body is not blown out.  Does have the normal rear window rust starting to show behind the molding & the normal surface rust on the factory unpainted surfaces up under the rear window & inside tops of the rear quarters, under the hood etc, & a few dents. Easy fixes. Solid floors & trunk floor. Its a factory 250 6 cylinder with Powerglide auto & power steering. Blown out interior - but you would be replacing all of that anyway (that gear is still dirt cheap ex the USA restoration parts stores). Yes, it runs & drives! 

You want a builder? LS powered, even LSA, restomod. Or even better to just comply it & drive looking nasty.... this is a very limited time offer! (No, we wont have another one next week..................).