1970 1/2 Falcon ON THE WATER NOW

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  • $46,900

Here's an interesting one that has just arrived in NZ (24 Nov). No, its not a Torino, it's a rather obscure model that was only produced from April to 11 July 1970. Whilst the Torino was a sweet looking hardtop & convertible, the Falcon as was 'grandma car' and optioned as a 'stripper', a car with super basic creature comforts. Many were 250 six's with three-on-the-tree & no radio, a car that would be at home in an air force base motor pool. The craziest thing with these cars is you could buy them with any of the Torino engine options right up to having a 429 CJ with 4-speed. The ultimate sleeper? Imagine a 429 Falcon with factory drum brakes & factory 14" crossplys! Yikes. Although they built about 67,000 1/2 year Falcons, many of the basic cars were driven to death, or rusted out or succumbed to the oil crisis to a point that very very few low spec cars remained by 1979!!!

This car is an original reasonable well optioned car. 302 V8, auto trans & power steering. Yes, drum brakes all around, vinyl flooring, basic upholstery, dog dish hubcaps... but does have a factory radio. A worthless car in '94 but today....cool as hell & valuable. The body is excellent and wears mostly original paint. Excellent floors, excellent in the trunk. 

This unique car is just begging for a cool build. Will you be the new owner???

Pre-compliance price $46,900 (plus ORC)