1997 Silverado Z71 4WD SOLD

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Real documented 1-owner truck done 138,000 miles. Well serviced, with history. Hood & roof clear coat deterioration otherwise excellent. Clean 4WD's are hard to find! Be quick.

Customer feedback / testimonial:

Hi Bryce buying anything unseen let alone a vehicle that I hadn’t driven had its concerns. I congratulate West Coast Classics for delivering our Chevy Silverado exactly as you described it. The countless photos of every good bit and the very few bad bits was reassuring. Every though there was still those doubts having never done this before and what would we find at compliance time ?

We need not have worried Bryce delivered the Chevy on spec and it was everything he promised. Had its 1st off-road excursion last weekend down to the duck pond for bit of maintenance before duck shooting. Awesome truck Thks Bryce. It’s really Mavericks truck because he’s a big boy for big truck.

Ray (& Maverick), Auckland, March 2018