2016 Challenger Hellcat SOLD

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Yes, the best of the best. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Only wearing a couple of little 'cats head' badges to identify itself from the rest. Just 1,000 miles. As new. Purchased to order for a discerning customer in the lower North Island. 707 horsepower with 8-speed auto. Want similar horsepower in a Euro?  Be prepared to spend 10x as much.

Customer feedback / testimonial:

Bryce at Westcoast Classics is the expert when it comes to importing some American muscle.Bryce located  and imported a Hellcat for me,keeping me informed every step of the way .Picked the car up from Tauranga and had a fantastic drive home. Still grin every time I give it some mumbo.Thanks Bryce for a job well done. Cheers

Colin, Martinborough, February 2017