2016 Challenger R/T Shaker SOLD

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'16 Challenger R/T Plus Shaker Package car. This one's loaded. One Arizona owner. One NZ owner. It's been here over 4 years so can legally be sold (unlike som others that are advertised as such but aren't!!!). 32,000 kms (not miles) & in spectacular as-new condition. 5.7 Hemi with the sensational 8-speed auto. Fantastic buying vs the budget spec 2015+ R/T's currently for sale in NZ. New 12 month WOF done, full tank of premium gas, Westcoast Classics T shirt.

Customer feedback / testimonial:

Having owned a few Aussie Mopars over the years I'd thought that would never change. Then, after dribbling over a bunch of WCC listings for the last year or so, this Go Mango Challenger appeared. Well, I was toast, but tried not to let that on to Bryce!

We emailed, chatted, emailed some more ... and formed something, maybe trust? Despite having bought and sold a heap of cars and thinking it's tricky teaching the old dog, Bryce's experience, time and guidance were instrumental in getting my precious old Pacer sold (not without tears) so we could do the deal on the Challenger.

The real diamond in the purchase was the Shaker, no doubt! But Bryce isn't just an extremely knowledgeable importer prepared to share what he knows about the complex process, end-to- end. He's an engaging muscle-nut that spins a yarn or two while you're listening and crawling over his car ... and he's slowly exposing his underbelly ... a deep passion for US muscle!

To say that Liz and I are delighted with the Shaker is a huge understatement. It came wrapped in a huge bow .. called good old fashioned trust ... and "Service". What's that worth? Thanks heaps, Bryce!

Kevin & Liz, Auckland February 2023