2018 Chevrolet Silverado Shorty SOLD

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Now, that's cool. Just purchasing this to order now. RCSB - regular car short bed. Lowered. Big rims. Hard lid. 5.3 LS power. Cooler than a Ranger? Mmmmmm. Hell yes. A pickup that flips the finger (with pleasure) to JAG & her deranged entourage....

Customer feedback / testimonial:

Failing to find what I was looking for in NZ I came across Bryce's ad in the NZ V8 magazine and gave him a ring regarding a 2018 Silverado I had my eye on in America. I couldn't fault any part of the process . Bryce kept me up to date with phone calls, emails and photo's. I would highly recommend Bryce & his team. Much appreciated Bryce.

Ronny Barker, Kaikoura, May 2022